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CG Guitars' Charlie Griffiths playing guitar on stage

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Whether you're looking to start guitar lessons for the first time or you need help and advice on how to take your playing to the next level.

CG Guitar can help, no matter your skill level.

1:1, group classes and workshops available Monday to Friday.

HD Online Guitar Lessons - Like You've Never Experienced Before!

Multi-Cam set up, lighting rig and HD Professional Audio - "It sounds like Charlie and his guitar are in the room with you!"

Exclusive access to an amazing online learning management system and app!

Super convenient as well as effective - Have your guitar lesson from the comfort of your own home.

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    Play music from the first lesson!

  2. Learn

    Learn contemporary songs and techniques through personalised lesson plans.

  3. Achieve

    Improve your technique, improvisation and songwriting skills.

  4. Perform

    Prepare for live performances and take your playing to the next level.

Enjoyable and frustration free methods.

Charlie is extremely patient and has a great temperament for teaching, offering so much energy and enthusiasm to each lesson.

  • My students have found success in both online and in person lessons.

  • I provide extra value though free online demonstrations and tutorials.

  • Tailored individual lessons for every students needs.

  • Improve your practical ability and increase your understanding of music theory.


Play music from the first lesson! Kick-start your guitar playing with enjoyable and frustration free methods.

Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and I have been so impressed by my son’s progress.


Effective practice regimes, coaching to build a solid foundation of technique and repertoire, ways to improve your improvisation and songwriting skills.

Charlie has been teaching my son for about 5 years, taking him from complete novice through to playing some pretty impressive rock songs.


Appropriate coaching and mentoring to study music/guitar in further education, to prepare for live performances and advice on ways to take your playing to the next level.

Charlie has tailored the lessons to cover advanced topics such as, playing with odd time signatures, music theory and improvisation skills.

Who Is CG Guitar ?

CG Guitar is the creation of UK based musician Charlie Griffiths.

Starting guitar at the age of 13, since then he has performed in a number of bands across Europe that have required him to play a variety of genres.

Playing in a breadth of genres, brings tons of experience, knowledge and advice to share.

Charlie Griffiths on Stage playing with Harbinger