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CG Guitars' Charlie Griffiths playing guitar on stage

Who Is CG Guitar ?

CG Guitar is the creation of UK based guitarist Charlie Griffiths.

Charlie has had his playing featured on websites such a Guitar World and his band Harbinger have been featured in magazines such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang!

Full time member of the UK metal band Harbinger and guitar teacher for over a decade.

He has performed internationally alongside band such as Sylosis, Rivers Of Nihil, Fallujah & Decapitated.

Two decades of experience brings tons knowledge and advice to share.

Charlie on stage with his band Harbinger

I have 2 decades worth of experience playing rock & metal. I am currently an active member of UK Metal band 'Harbinger', that I've extensively toured internationally with, supporting the likes of Sylosis, River Of Nihil, Fallujah & Decapitated. I'm ready to share all my knowledge and experience with you, and make sure you progress on the guitar!

A little bit more

Charlie graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music as a Bachelor of Music with a First Class Honours in Professional Music Performance in 2013.

During his degree in 2012 he started teaching at Goodall Guitar School and other educational organisations, in which has now led him on to running his own teaching business, CG Guitar.

As well as running CG Guitar he is an active member of the UK Metal band Harbinger.

Charlie on stage with his band Harbinger

Bands & projects

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  • I love getting involved with others' projects and helping them write and develop them! Be it a guest solo, writing guitar parts or needing a new riff to freshen up your song idea. I'm happy to help!

    Band & session work

    Guest solo? Or need some guitars recorded? Let's talk!

    I’m available to hire for Session Work

    If you’re looking for a guitarist or bassist for your event or session please feel free to get in touch.

    Charlie on stage with his function band

    We recruited Charlie as a session player during a time of transition for our band and he was exactly what we needed and more.

    From rehearsal etiquette to on-stage charisma - he was and is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to session playing. His ability on the guitar is incredible and unquestionable, with a work-ethic to match, but beyond that, he is a great human being, and someone who I now consider to be a good friend.

    Session work and function band

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